Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Make-up Haul...

I managed to pop into town yesterday and buy a selection of goodies that I have been wanting to pick up and try.

First of all I had to pop into Boots quickly just to pick up a No.7 top and base coat as I had two vouchers to get £3 off any No.7 nail polish which made them work out to be just £3 each. 

Then I went into Superdrug just to have a look around really, but ended up buying quite a few things as they were running a 3 for the price of 2 promotion across all make up items.

I picked up two sleek eye shadow palettes in storm and au naturel (both natural pallets), as I have heard great things on popular beauty blogs about sleek so I thought I would give them a try. To be honest I have never looked at the brand sleek before as I thought it was just another random inexpensive brand that hasn't yet released a wow product. I will let you know how I get on but my first impressions are good. 

I also picked up Collections cover up stick just to use under my foundation for those days that you need a little extra coverage. 

We all know how good Collections lasting perfection concealer is so of course while the offer was on (and while they had shade 1) I had to pick another one up. 

Next to the Sleek display was MUA again another one of those brands I had heard about but never actually tried so I decided to pick up one of their pallets as the third free product. 

When I got home of course I compared the two brands and their products as I would say they both have the same price point. Although I've not given ether a full trial, my initial thoughts are of disappointment on MUA eye shadows . The high pigmentation that you see in the pan does not translate on to the eyes and when you do finally get it to show, it has a lot of full out under the eyes, where as the sleek eye shadows impressed me with its higher pigmentation and little full out. To be honest even the sleek packaging is much sturdier and I would feel confident throwing it into my handbag with out the fear of it cracking where as the MUA packaging is very thin plastic. Although I wouldn't particularly purchase this product again, it has to be said that it is good value for money.   

Be back soon!
Sharni xx

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