Friday, 11 September 2015

A Very Fitting Photo...

As some of you may know already last week I made a big decision to leave my Job working as a nanny for my two cousins (Rosa & Austin). This involved me moving out of Jobie's house and temporarily moving into Nan & Granddad's until the annex in Jobie's garden is completed, that I will then rent from him. It also involved me buying the company car from him as well.

So there was a lot of changes and headache for a little while, but thankfully I was fortunate enough  to be offer my job back down at the Brighton wheel. I know it is a slight step backwards but at least it is a job and it is a great easy job for me to run along side volunteering at St. Johns which I have applied for and hope to do in the future. 

So with all that in mind I thought is was a very fitting time to scrap this picture of when I was working down the wheel over the Christmas period of 2013.

Be Back Soon! Sharni xx

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