Friday, 7 March 2014

Spring Barn Farm...

Today we had a day at Spring Barn Farm in Lewes, We had never been there before so it was a adventure for all of us. 

There were pigs, sheep and lots of other animals for us to see and touch. There was also a few outdoor play activities like go-karting, a maze, swing and a slide! As you can see though the weather wasn't the best today which was a shame but on a lovely summers day i'm sure it will be a really lovely place to visit.

Luckily there was a indoor soft play area that both the kids loved playing in (as you can see in the picture below Rosa was a little unsure at first.) Thankfully as it was a colder day outside only 2 other children where there, so we got to play happily by ourselves and Austin loved being able to crawl around freely.   

Overall we all had a great day out and can not wait to return to Spring Barn Farm. =) 

Be back soon
Sharni xx

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