Thursday, 6 March 2014


As I mentioned before I will be sharing with you my day to day adventures as well as my shopping ones, so here it goes.
Today we had a lovely family day out to Drusillas Park & Zoo 


Drusillas Park is a Family run business founded in 1922 based in Alfriston about a half an hour drive away from where we live, I have very fond memories going there as a child myself and then also going there again with my younger sister Sofie, so going there again with my uncle Jobie and his family, it was amazing to see how much the place had changed.

There is a really large park at the end of the zoo which is great fun for kids of all ages, as you can see in the pictures Rosa loved running around and going down all the different colour slides.  


She also really enjoyed seeing all the animals and being able to hold and feed the birds, while we were there we purchased annual passes for the year as I hope to return with Rosa and Austin many times throughout the year.

Be back soon!
Sharni xx

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