Thursday, 3 April 2014

My LAMB 1887 Clutch Collection...

I have to admit I have never truly been a clutch kinda girl, of course I still have always had a collection but I just used to find them always a bit to small and also the fact that you have to hold it in a hand at all times. 

That was before I found Lamb 1887 clutches. I have invested in 3 over the past 2 years and I love them all! 

What's so nice about the Lamb clutches first of all is that they are made of real leather and that they are basic staple colours but because of the design of them they look special at the same time.

The Three that I have are- 

The Capri Mini in Beige 

The Portofino in Black

The Angus in Beige

The other great thing about these clutches are that although they still look small they fit all the staples in and that they are secure so nothing falls out during the night. 

I have now totally devoted my clutch collect to these three and in the future will only be buying Lamb 1887 clutches. Have any of you tried Lamb 1887 other styles of clutches as it would be great to hear your thoughts about them.

Be Back Soon! 
Sharni xx

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