Thursday, 7 November 2013

Review - Champneys - Distant Shores...

You might remember back in April, I went along to a Champneys VIP event and while I was there I brought myself the distant shores body butter and received a free mini of the scrub in the same line. 
First of all let me tell you how amazing this line smells!!.. Champneys describe the smell as "An irresistibly tropical uplifting blend of grapefruit, lemon, orange peel and cedar wood oils with nourishing mango and passion fruit." It has the perfect smell, it's luxurious and sexy without it becoming elderly which I find a lot of indulgent products can be, they just start to either smell of roses or talcum powder, which I don't appreciate. It also doesn't go too much of the other way either and start to smell to sweet and childlike. I have found when using both products together the smell lingered on your skin for a long time after which is always nice. 

Distant Shores Body Butter - This product has the strangest of consistencies, its almost like a set mousse. When you apply it you just need the smallest amount and its very crumbly to touch, but once it's onto the skin, it melts like butter and leaves your skin super soft and moisturised with out any stickiness at all. This is by far the best body butter I have ever used. 

Distant Shores Body Scrub - This product is also great. It has a very course grainy consistency but is not too harsh on your skin and is amazing at exfoliating your body. It is not overly greasy either so its lovely to use while in the bath.

Over all both these products are great winners and are definitely going to be purchased over and over again. These are already my second full size of each!

My overall rating is: 5 out of 5!

Be back soon!
Sharni xx

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