Monday, 2 June 2014

Travelling Thailand...

I recently returned from three weeks in the beautiful Thailand, and with some great photos from the adventure, I thought I'd pop up a post to share my travelling experience! 

I first flew into abu dhabi where I meet my ex-boyfriend Hamudii (we are still best friends) and then we flew onto the city of bangkok, where we had a hectic rush to book a internal flight into Phuket. Once we had safely arrived into phuket we hopped into a taxi to our hotel which was called Sugar marina Resort located on Karon beach.

Hamudii had been to Thailand a couple of times before but never had been outside the capital Bangkok, so in true Matthews style on the first day I took it apon myself to book every tour we had time for so him and myself could truly appreciate everything Phuket had to offer us. 

These are a few pictures I took of the journey... 


As you can see from the pictures we had an amazing time, Thailand is truly such a beautiful country, in the three weeks we where there we had plenty of time to relax on a few of the beaches it had to offer, stroke a variety of different animals, see some amazing views and top up my tan in the process. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my adventures!

Be Back Soon! 
Sharni xx

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