Saturday, 12 July 2014


I have never really thought I was a clarks kinda girl, sure I was when I was a little girl aren't we all? but I didn't think I would be owning another pair until I was about 80 years old and wanted "sensible" shoes.

I stand corrected though Mum and I popped in store last Tuesday because there was a sale and she was on a mission to find a perfect nude pair of heels before she went on her cruise the following day! Lets just say after both trying on almost every pair of shoes that was in the sale and our size. We left with 10 (Yes 10!) pairs between us! It was an amazing sale with an amazing selection too! 

I have also been back two times since then to get three more pairs that I just needed and couldn't stop thinking about. Don't you hate it when that happens you think you can be all strong in store but I always buckle and have to go back and get the ones I left behind. 

These are the SEVEN pairs that I ended up with and I can safely say I am finished with this sale and can't wait till the next one :D 

 Gin Crush - White Combi lea

Gin Crush - Black Combi lea

 Gin Spritz - Tan Leather

Glove Puppet - Khaki Suede (Don't you think they look like the Tory Burch pair's) 

 Destiny Fate - Black Suede

 Anika Kendra - Black

Alma Kendra - Black Suede

I am super happy with my selection, I just need an occasion to wear them all to. What's so nice about Clarks is that they come in wide fit so they can fit in fat feet in them comfortably and that they are all real leather so they will mold to the shape of my feat and be even more comfortable if that's possible.

Have any of you been in Clarks recently? They definitely seem to of stepped up their game recently.   

Be Back Soon! Sharni xx

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